Do you work on board a ship outside of UK Waters?
Do you spend more than half of your time outside of the UK?
Would you like to reclaim your tax?

Seafarer Tax Services
ORCA MS Group deal with a number of seafaring clients who work either exclusively, or at least partly, outside of UK waters. Provided certain conditions are met, in many cases we have been able to help clients reclaim all or at least part of the tax they have paid from their employment income.

Specialists within our tax department have extensive experience in dealing with seafarer tax affairs and as such are in a great position to be able to help anyone in a similar position.
Seafarers’ Earnings Deduction
The rules governing the tax deduction from your earnings is called the ‘Seafarers’ Earnings
Deduction‘ (SED). There are a number of conditions to this deduction that must be met in order for you to qualify
 You must work on a ship. Offshore installations (e.g. Oil Rigs) do not count as ships for the purpose
of the deduction, however tankers, cruise liners, even vessels that carry out geological surveys of the
seabed are included.
 All or at least part of your employment must be carried out outside of the UK.
 You must be resident for tax purposes in the UK or another European Economic Area (EEA) State.
Anyone who is employed on a ship is eligible to apply for the deduction, unfortunately self employed
persons are not eligible for SED. For example, employed entertainers, cooks or musicians are all eligible.

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