Each time hiring new specialist, your Company, as the Owner or Manager, runs the risk that the crew may have inadequate experience in various offshore operations (eg – Anchor Handling, Maneuvering, Rig Move, Towing, etc.), which may later lead to losses. In the best case, this cause signing-off of unexperienced crew member from the vessel ( which entails costs for additional air tickets, visas, agent’s work and simply wasted time of the Company and Managers). In the worst case, the vessel goes “Off-hire” and loses the contract.
Our company has extensive experience not only in the supplying our Clients with a right crew, but also with checking full experience and getting references on each candidate. Acting as agent, we are ready to offer our services for a complete and comprehensive audit of each new candidate. Starting with research expertise and authentication of documents (diplomas, certificates, medical examiner and flag documents for seafarer), up to full checking of specific ship operations in which crew was involved in.
Also, if your candidate becomes ineligible for joining, our company is ready to provide a replacement with the right and experienced professional who meets all the requirements of your company.

The main advantages of working with us:
– Saving Client’s time;
– Savings and proper distribution of money spent by Cleint to sign-on a new specialist;
– Getting the full description of crew experience and operations he was involved in;
– You’ll be sure that every candidate will have adequate experience to perform specialized tasks, which will be a guarantee of excellent performance in charter;
– Thanks to your partnership with us – your Company will get a preference in all subsequent projects and chartering Companies

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