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One of our UK/Norway Client (modern PSV and AHTS fleet (DP2 and non-DP)) will be looking for a full officers crew for 2 long upcomimg projects (North Sea and Asia) in the early 2016:
DP- Limited/Unlimited/Advance/non-DP
AHTS and PSV fleet, under UK Flag
- Masters
- Chief Officers
- 2nd Officers
- 3rd Officers

- Chief Engineers
- 2nd Engineers
- 3rd Engineers


Contracts duration will be 4 weeks on/off - North Sea, 6 weeks on/off- Asia
Type of contract- Permanent
Vessel operations- mainly supply


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Status: Open No of vacancies: 1 Job type: Full Time Job level: Top level Years of experience: 2 Salary: $1200 / Publish date: 08 Aug 2016

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