mv AHTS non-DP
UK owner, 2006 y.b. in UK
LOA- 27 m, m/e 2 x Cummins (total BHP 2600)
Bollard pull - 34 tonnes

Vessel doing Anchor Handling and Towing
Operation area- Persian Gulf
Duration 6 weeks on/off
Long term employment
Salary- 320 USD per day while in ARAMCO Charter (mostly) and 270 USD per day not on field

Offshore experience as Chief Engineer - 12 months minimum (stamps in Seaman or Record Book)
Strong English- Marlins not less 90%
Ready to work as Single Engineer

Job start- end of October 2016

topic: Chief Engineer for AHTS non-DP

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Status: Open No of vacancies: 3 Job type: Full Time Job level: Years of experience: 2 Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 08 Sep 2016

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